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Proudly launching our new Art Collection Management service

With more and more clients coming to us with a clear need for a tool to better manage their growing collections, we have developed a service specialising in the care of our clients artworks and the management of their collection. Using the latest web-based inventory management systems, we help collectors achieve and maintain a comprehensive […]

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Sharing the most beautiful private Villas, Ryads, Chalets and Estates

Although August has already started, some of you may still be looking for that perfect secluded villa on private beach in Sardinia, an architecturally stunning property in the heart of Mykonos or a Rhyad in the Marrakech Palmeraie which could host large family lunches amongst the rose gardens. We have access to a carefully curated […]

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Enjoy the spectacular London views from a Venetian water taxi

Whether visiting London for a weekend or Londoner already, nothing quite beats the breathtaking views of our capital city, especially when viewed from the River Thames. The newest addition to the many other boats on the river is the spectacular hand crafted Venetian Water Taxi flown all the way from Venice a few months ago. […]

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