Art Collection Management

We are experienced in services relating to the care of our clients’ works of art and the management of their collection.  We are capable of guiding collectors in their choice of online collections management system out of a growing number of applications available.  Using the system most suitable for our clients’ needs, we help collectors achieve and maintain a comprehensive overview of their collection.  These systems enable their objects to be accessible securely online, allowing their collection to be as mobile as they are. 

Whether you have a collection which pre-dates digital images and invoicing or you have an inbox full of purchase documents relating to your art, we will ensure this information – vital to the safe-guarding of your objects and their value – is properly recorded and filed using a comprehensive collections management system.  Furthermore, and most importantly, we will enter all the required data and, where appropriate and desired,  we will arrange the addition of art historical information.

It is considered crucial by insurers and professional advisors that a digital back up of important objects is kept up-to-date and exists alongside a hardcopy or existing insurance schedule.   An online collections management system can be accessed whatever your location, so in the event you quickly need to generate a complete report of what you own and where it is located, whether for an insurance claim or otherwise, you can.

In addition to the above, we also offer a variety of services relating to the keep and the promotion of an art collection.   For example we can organise and monitor special projects including: loans to museums and galleries, liaising with curators, contacting shippers and ensuring an adequate loan agreement is in place; consignments for sale at public auction and private sales; storage, including at free ports.  We will do our best to meet your collection’s needs and can connect you to specialist services and advisors gathered from over 10 years experience of working at the highest level in the international art market.

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